Reseller Account:

Only pre-approved user can be Reseller. We always welcome Reseller to use our service. Reseller account holder will get a 24/7 dedicated account manager facility to help.

Reseller Account Criteria:

Average £500 pound spending per week customer may be eligible for reseller account. It is a pre-paid account like pay as you go. You need to know your estimated spending and top up as you require. Minimum top up amount is £250. If you do not have sufficient funds and you are about to confirm your order as reseller, our website will not let you go to finish the transaction. But your dedicated account manager can top up immediately as per your request and you need to pay that amount within next working hour. It is just a relation between you and your account manager who can even give you better price and deal then it is published or agreed. If you become a reseller you still can order as a regular customer using paypal / cards and the transaction will not affect your advance balance. Reseller account thus gives you flexibility and bargain.

Depending on your monthly spending with us, you can get huge discount with many features. Please email to for further information.

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