Your Files

Colour mode:

Please always supply your job files in CMYK mode. Colours created in RGB mode are generally never the same as colours in CMYK mode. Colour saturation should never exceed 240% in total otherwise faulty printing will result. 100% Black (K), 50% Cyan (C) and 50% Magenta (M) is sufficient for a deep black. Colour saturation should be at least 15%.

Size and bleed:

Please create a 3 mm Bleed (6 mm in the case of posters) on each side in addition to the  rimmed size. Important information (such as e-mail addresses, telephone number etc.)  hould be placed with a spacing of at least 3mm from the edge (5mm in the case of posters and 7mm in the case of magazines). In the case of punched flyers, please allow 1,5 mm  leed. Create your data format so that it fits our standard data format.


·        Please send your data as JPG, TIFF or PDF only(according to the standard PDF/X1-a 2001).

·        Your print data should have a resolution of at least 300dpi, otherwise there may be
a loss of quality in the print result. For posters, 240dpi is sufficient.

·        Please convert all text into paths in the case of vector graphics.

·        Please create pixel images using at least 240dpi.

·        Save all print data in CMYK format.

·        In the case of orders that contain several files (e.g. front and back page), please save the individual files in the same format and name them clearly.

·        In the case of magazines, please send us the pages (e.g. 20-1; 2-19; 18-3; etc.) as individual files. Please name these clearly so that we can correctly allocate them in the magazine.

·        Please upload your files exactly how you would like to have them printed!

Data transfer:

Upload its simple and easy! After placing your order, you can upload your data to our data centre. Should we have any questions about your files, or if errors occurred during the  ransmission of your file upload, we will contact you.

Please also be aware of the following:

·        In order to print one page, send your file to us once.

·        In order to print front and back pages differently, send us two individual files and name these clearly as front and back pages.

·        To have the front and back pages printed the same, please send us the file twice and name these files clearly as front and back pages.


*In the case of orders with faulty or missing data, the delivery date may be delayed!

·       Reprints, even in the case of data that is exactly the same, can never be 100% identical.

·        Only supply print data in the stated format. Send the data required in just one file format.

·        In the case of several commissions, please place one order for each commission, otherwise this may result in time delays or incorrect printing, for which we cannot accept any liability.

All communications (including the current status of your order) will be sent to you by e-mail. You can find out the current status online using your -Login and the dash board. After logging in, click on the home page on the Member Section button in the field Dash Board. Here you can obtain all of the information on your orders, such as print status, payment, invoice, upload, package tracking, etc.
How to reduce high colour saturation:
Please watch the video. This is a simple step to reduce high colour saturation easily:


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